Career as a Architect

Construction is one of the fastest growing sectors in Indian economy. In the last few decades our economy has witnessed hectic and massive construction activities, new structures have been raised, and townships have evolved. All this has importantly led to creation of avenues for those interested in making a career in architect. Architects are the licensed professionals trained in the art and science of building. Architecture engineering is one of the top career choices made by students in India. There are multiple opportunities in this field for architects equally in private and public sectors. Modern architecture demands that the buildings and structure do not exist in vacuum and so the architect has to bear the surrounding environment in mind, care about the existing skyline and yet care about the comforts and expenses of his clients.

If you want to be an architect you should be creative and have good visualization skills. Not only do you need to be able to create designs for buildings and other structures, you need to be able to see, in your mind's eye, what they will look like once they are built. Since architects have to describe their ideas to other people including clients and colleagues, you must have strong communication skills. The ability to think critically will help you solve problems that inevitably arise during most projects.

Career Prospectus
A qualified architect can work with government organisations like central and state public work departments, housing and urban development corporation, municipalities, city development authorities, state housing boards etc. The architect  also employed in industrial ventures, consultancy and private architectural firms, teaching institutions, real estate development firms etc. The most advantaged scope in the field of architecture is private practice. After gaining some experience in an organization, the architects can set up their own company.

Architecture Engineering Skills and Attributes
The architect must be flexible in his approach as well as bear the specificities of purpose in mind e.g. the skills required for building a stadium are different than say from building a hospital to the simpler, such as planning dwelling units to be used as residential houses. Architecture has a strong cultural and political connotation.

Educational Requirements
Architecture engineering is a multi-disciplinary profession that involves a range of tasks at work. This field has become one of the most career oriented field for students in recent times.

  List of Courses

  • Diploma in Architecture Engineering    
  • Diploma in Architecture Assistantship
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture Engineering    
  • Bachelor of Technology in Architecture Engineering
  • Master of Technology in Architecture Engineering    
  • Master of Technology in Town & Country Planning    
  • Master of Philosophy in Architecture Engineering

Basic Eligibility
For admission in a bachelor’s degree, the candidate must have passed the higher secondary school certificate (10+2) examination with science subject such Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. For IITs, It is mandatory to qualify in the Joint Entrance Examinations (J.E.E).  The duration for this course is 4 years.
The eligibility criteria for pursuing a master’s degree are holding a bachelor's degree in (B.E/B.Tech) or any other equivalent branches of engineering. The duration for this course is 2 years.

Salary of experienced architect in India is generally high ranging from Rs 2 lacs to Rs 5 lacs per annum. However, an apprentice in private company is usually paid about Rs. 1,00,000/- per annum to Rs. 1,50,000/ per annum.